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Where Can I Purchase Rosin, A Concentrated Marijuana Extract?

Where Can I Purchase Rosin, A Concentrated Marijuana Extract? Like any marijuana product, it is safest to purchase from a dispensary. These marijuana dispensaries are licensed to sell weed products and weed. Whether the product is in concentrate form, edibles, or plant, the recommendation is to utilize the marijuana dispensary in your location. 

Several states across the US have the authorization to sell recreational or medicinal marijuana and its products. 

What Is Marijuana Rosin

Marijuana Rosin is a concentrate extracted from the buds or flowers of the plant. This concentrate has become popular because it is solventless to remove the Rosin nectar. Because the method entails using heat and pressure, no rocket science setup is needed. Should you choose to venture into it, anyone can do this so that Rosin can be a home project. 

Purchasing Rosin concentrate from any dispensary is a simple process. Some shops offer online purchasing. However, you must make payment at the location in cash. The reason for cash payments is that banks are reluctant to offer ATM services for marijuana purchases. 

How is Rosin Extracted From Marijuana

The highlight of extracting your Rosin from marijuana buds or flowers is your many uses. You can get Rosin from buds, and marijuana bubble hash is another option you have for processing. 

A home Rosin extraction setup is simple. But first, you will need these items:

Items for Marijuana Rosin Extraction at Home

  • Marijuana material/ buds or bubble hash
  • Hair straightener with a broad enough surface
  • Sheets of unbleached parchment paper
  • Heat-resistant gloves or oven mittens
  • A metal scraper/ spoon
  • A storage container/ glass jar

How To Extract Rosin

You can obtain the material you need for rosin extraction from any marijuana dispensary of your choosing. Or, if you are an avid DIY person, you may already have buds from your garden. 

**You should know that you can only grow marijuana plants at any time. However, for those who would instead use hemp, you can cultivate any number of plants. Hemp is legal in the US.**

  • Ensuring you remove enough moisture from the buds, you pack the amount that can comfortably fit on the heating surface of the hair straightener into the folded parchment paper. 
  • Be sure to preheat the hair straightener to the temperature you desire. Next, press the parchment paper containing marijuana buds between the blades. The temperature and pressing action should start the extraction process after a few seconds. Continue pressing the weed until you see the Rosin nectar oozing from the parchment paper. 
  • The hissing sound you hear means your Rosin is on its way! Continue pressing until you are sure all the juice is squeezed out, and scrape the sticky liquid into your storage container. 

Marijuana Strains Ideal For Extracting Rosin 

Like most experts in using certain drugs and foods, there are experts concerning marijuana. Their recommendations regarding the strains for taking out Rosin are the best guide. Several websites are available for this information; you only need to do a little research. If you instead ask at a marijuana dispensary, that is also an option. 

These websites will give you information on the following:

Marijuana Strains For Rosin

  • GG4, also known as Gorilla Glue #4
  • Papaya
  • Chemdawg
  • Garlic Cookies
  • White Widow or any “White strain.”

The Perfect Marijuana Strain for Bubble Hash

Marijuana bubble hash is an excellent option for extracting Rosin. You can buy it from your trusty dispensary. However, the process can be tedious, so most people purchase. Like the deciding factor for which marijuana strain is best for Rosin, bubble hash also falls in this category.

Here is a list from the PressClub’s website

  • GMO 
  • Gorilla Glue and GG crosses (heavy producer excellent yields) 
  • Chemdawg 
  • Cookies and Cookies cross
  • Miracle Alien Cookies and crosses
  • Cherry Pie 
  • Purple Punch 
  • OG Kush  
  • NYC Diesel 
  • Harlequin 
  • The White 
  • Ice 
  • White Widow 

Pretty similar to the choice of marijuana buds you can choose. The process for making bubble hash is the ice water method. The cultivation process is technical, and the extraction process is even more. However, if you have the time and patience to venture into doing the work, then go for it! The rewards can be just as exhilarating as an afternoon of recreational marijuana use. 

Different Types of Marijuana Concentrates

Rosin is not the only marijuana concentrate on the market. Rosin has topped the popularity charts mainly because the process does not use solvents or harsh chemicals. The process is simple, and anyone can do it. 

The types of marijuana concentrate you can purchase are:

Badder/ budder– This concentrate is wax-like in appearance. It is softer, more pliable, and oilier than most waxes. It is rich in terpenes and contains enough cannabinoids to affect your desired experience.

Shatter- is just as the name suggests. It shatters. It is a brittle concentrate that has been around for decades. The appearance is like golden glass, and the flavors are not distinct. It depends on the marijuana strain you use. A potent concentrate and can contain upwards of 70% THC.

Sugar Wax- This marijuana concentrate is similar to shatter but has a granular consistency. Its method of extraction from the marijuana plant is by using butane. There is no distinct color to differentiate sugar wax; however, it is sticky and shiny.

The Stone Conclusion

Now you have a wealth of information about marijuana concentrates. And since Rosin is not the only one on the market, it may be an option to try a few others. However, marijuana Rosin is here to stay, and because its processing is solventless, you are getting clean, pure nectar what the plant has to offer. Visit your nearest marijuana dispensary, and speak to any of the staff. The information you get can help you decide what is best for your needs.

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