What do you know about Cannabis Rosin?

What do you know about Cannabis Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that has recently become popular. It can be made at home and it does not require any solvents like butane, CO2 or alcohol to extract the good stuff from the psychoactive herb. Cannabis rosin is easy to make and by using heat and pressure you can create your own bubble hash or solventless wax for dabbing.

Cannabis Rosin: What to Know

Let’s start with bubble hash: There are two types of bubble hashes: 1) ice water extraction and 2) dry sifting . The first method uses ice cold water and filtration bags to separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant. Dry sift uses mesh screens instead of water to separate out the cannabinoids. Once the resinous trichomes have been collected, they are pressed together to make a hash brick. The dry sift bubble hash gets its name from the process of making bubblehash in general. Bubble hash is made when ice-cold water and cannabis trichomes are combined together in a series of increasingly fine mesh screens until all that’s left is a sticky substance resembling goo or earwax with no solids remaining – this “goo” is called bubble hash because it bubbles and fizzes when heat and moisture are applied . It can then be dabbed or smoked using papers or by itself on a hot surface like glass, metal or ceramic. If you do not want to use such an apparatus, rosin bags can be bought online to press your bubble hash into rosin. Rosin itself is not new, it has been around for quite some time; the only difference is that the presses used to make it are now more readily available. The first rosin press was invented by “rosin man” back in 2011 and quickly gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts looking for an alternative way to extract essential oils from their herb without using solvents like butane or alcohol. Instead of employing heat and pressure to squeeze resin out of finely ground cannabis flowers, solventless waxes like this start with either budder or shatter , which allows them to be pressed at lower temperatures than would be needed if starting with flower (flowers require hotter temperatures because chlorophyll—the stuff that makes buds green—burns off at a lower temperature than the oils and terpenes contained within). Once your solventless extract has been pressed into either budder or shatter , you can use a dabbing rig to “dab” it, smoke it in a pipe, add it to joints or other Cannabis products, or even vape it using a portable vaporizer. While bubble hash requires time and patience while making your own rosin does not . You will need an adjustable hair straightener (not the kind with clips) along with parchment paper and a silicone mat . The hair straightener should be between 275 degrees Fahrenheit and 350 degrees Fahrenheit; adjust accordingly depending on desired level of heat. Once you have gathered your supplies, you are ready to begin. First things first, gather your material whether it is flower or hash. Then break it up finely with a marijuana grinder so that the trichomes are exposed and can be pressed into rosin. Next place parchment paper on the silicone mat then place the flower/hash on top of that right in the middle. Fold one side of the parchment paper over onto itself covering half of the flower/hash then fold the other half over likewise leaving you with something that looks like an envelope (just make sure there’s no actual glue holding it closed). Once both sides are folded inwards take your hair straightener and press down firmly until you hear a sizzling sound; this indicates that the rosin has been forced out of the plant material and is now on the parchment paper. Let it cool for a few seconds then open up the envelope to reveal your newly pressed rosin!

Things to know about Cannabis Rosin:


What is rosin and how does it differ from shatter?

  Rosin is a type of cannabis resin that can be obtained by using heat and pressure. This process gets rid of the organic solvents used to make Cannabis concentrate, making the end product safer for consumption. The result is a “sap-like” substance that can be smoked in a pipe or vaporized using an electronic dabbing device. This cannabis concentrate differs from shatter, which is made through a chemical process.  

Does Cannabis rosin use heat?

  Yes! Rosin requires external heat to make the resin softer and easier to press. The heat can be provided by a hair straightener, and the tool is referred to as an “iron.” This process can be done manually or using a specialized rosin press (ours).  

How long does it take to make rosin?

  It depends on your equipment and the strain of cannabis used! For our handmade rosin pressing plates (pictured below) and a hair straightener, it takes about an hour per gram of cannabis.  

Is Cannabis rosin an indica or a sativa?

  This depends on the strain of marijuana you use. Typically, strains high in THC are used to make rosin. However, we have seen those that are high in CBD create a very similar product.  

What are some of the benefits of Cannabis rosin?

  Rosin is a method for making marijuana concentrates without using solvents to extract THC from the cannabis. This process allows patients to avoid many potentially toxic chemicals that accompany other concentrates, such as BHO (butane hash oil). Rosin is also a safer alternative to making “honey oil,” which is another way of concentrating marijuana. (Thanks Wikipedia!)   Rosin allows the user to obtain higher levels of THC or CBD in a highly concentrated form that can be consumed quickly and easily. It can even be dabbed using an electronic device.  

Where can you purchase Cannabis rosin?

  You can make your own using a hair straightener and some parchment paper or buy it from a licensed producer. We have been told that you need to go through your Licensed Producer for the type of concentrate you want, but don’t quote us on that! Always check with your doctor before using medical marijuana.  

What can you do with Cannabis rosin?

  Most people smoke or dab it, but it can be used in a variety of ways! We have seen people make edibles and baking recipes with rosin. You can also store your excess concentrate in the refrigerator for prolonged shelf life.   Rosin can be made using either flower or hash, but why settle for something you can do at home when you can make rosin yourself? It’s not such a difficult process and yields great results so get your supplies today and start pressing! What do you know about Cannabis Rosin ? Comment below if you have any thoughts. Have a good one ! #ilovebudtenders #rosin #budtendersrock #vapepenculture #mmpride #TheStone

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