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Questions from the HotBox: Is Marijuana Resin Stronger Than Bud?

Marijuana resin is a substance we make from the carbonization and vaporization of a Cannabis plant. Resin contains a much higher concentration of THC, the psychoactive chemical in Cannabis. Resin is smoke by adding the concentrate in or on the weed joint, or through a pipe. The fact that Marijuana resin stronger than bud means higher concentration of THC. If consume straight can lead to an overdose. Marijuana resin is not for sale in Marijuana dispensaries, Cannabis dispensaries sell buds.

Marijuana Resin is Stronger Than Bud

It’s common knowledge that Marijuana bud contains a much higher concentration of THC than commercial grade Cannabis. This means Marijuana smoke produce from bud has a greater effect on your body and mind. Marijuana resin is made when we trim the Marijuana plant bud and carbonize it. The process removes all of the THC, leaving behind residue that can then be vaporize/ This creates Cannabis smoke containing higher concentrations of THC than Marijuana bud.

Why Do Some Dispensaries Not Sell Marijuana Resin?

The medical Marijuana Resin for sale in Cannabis dispensaries is always made from plants for medical use. Marijuana resin made from weed cultivated purely to get people high, contains, higher concentrations of THC than Resin produce from plants grown for medical use. The reason Marijuana Resin is not sold in some Cannabis Dispensaries is extracts from weed cultivated to get people high do not have the same medical benefits.

Marijuana dispensaries selling buds produce from Marijuana grown for medical use, provide legitimate medicinal treatments to needy patients. These dispensaries selling products with concentrations of Resin containing high levels of THC can get people high, with little to no medical help, which they require.

Marijuana Resin: Resin vs Bud

The fact that Marijuana bud contains a much lower concentration of THC than Resin extract does not mean Marijuana bud is useless. Marijuana bud still has the same medical benefit as Resin. And it costs less than resin because Marijuana bud takes up less space.

Marijuana dispensaries that sell Marijuana resins usually charge more for Marijuana resin than Marijuana dispensaries that sell Marijuana buds. It’s important to remember that the only reason Marijuana is stronger when it comes from Marijuana resin rather than Marijuana bud is because of the amount of THC in each instance.

Marijuana dispensaries that sell Marijuana resin usually only do so because Marijuana resin is better for patients who want to smoke Marijuana, Marijuana dispensaries that sell Marijuana buds usually prefer to vape or eat their Marijuana rather than smoking it. Medical Marijuana is legal in all states except four. We hope that someday soon Marijuana dispensaries will be able to open in Idaho and Marijuana resin will be available to the patients who need it most.

Is Marijuana Resin Stronger Than Bud 

Since the dawn of Cannabis use, the medical benefits are widely known. But many were concerned about the psychoactive properties. Now science has stepped up their research and are discovering the many ways Cannabis can be beneficial to us. The expert Cannabis science is forever discovering new products for the recreational and medical markets. Hence why we carry Resin! 

What is Marijuana Resin

Resin is one of the concentrate extract from the Cannabis flower and sugar leaves. If you are an avid user of Cannabis products’ you know of concentrates like wax, shatter, and oils. Resin is the newer product from the plant. It has a higher terpene percentage than the other concentrates. This is also depends on the strain of cannabis plant it is taken from.. Some strains you can expect to get some high levels of potency. 

Terpenes are the oils you see oozing from the Cannabis plant. That gives a distinct flavor and odor depending on the strain. So far, scientists have discovered over 100-strains of terpenes. And each with different medical and recreational properties. 

So, now you know what Cannabis terpene is, we can continue with the explanation of what Resin is. This concentrate is an extract from the Cannabis flower and sugar leaves. Its frozen to below zero temperatures for extraction. This product cannot be extracted from dried flowers, as the rich oily compounds are already compromised. With Resin, it comes from newly cut plants. After the complex extraction process is complete, you get Resin, which is of a higher concentration in THC than dried weed. 

The Bud V Marijuana Resin 

Resin, when smoked or vape; can give you a potency level of 80-90% THC. But, with Bud because of its dried consistency, the level of potency can be anywhere from 25-30% THC. Based on this scientific report, you begin to realize the effects you can expect to have when using Resin. Take caution to go slow when using, especially if you are a newbie. The advice is for both recreational and medical users. 

The Bud or Cannabis weed, because it is a dried product, you can still experience the HIGH you want but at a lesser effect. When dry Cannabis leaves and flower is smoked, you can expect to taste the weedy flavor, and the odor can be unpleasant for

some. For experienced smokers, they have their preferred strains so, odor and flavor are as expected. 

Some smokers of Resin and Bud will mix the two. You have to be careful as well. With mixing them you have to know how much Resin to add to the Bud to get a balanced result. 

Is Marijuana Resin Stronger Than Bud

In conclusion, Marijuana dispensaries that sell Marijuana resin usually do so because Marijuana resin provides a more powerful effect for smoking Marijuana while Marijuana dispensaries that sell Marijuana buds usually do so because Marijuana bud has the same medical benefits that Marijuana resin has and Marijuana bud does not have Marijuana’s hardcore effects that Marijuana resin has. 

Marijuana dispensaries in general provide Marijuana products for Marijuana patients who want to use Marijuana recreationally. Cannabis patients who need Marijuana medically every dispensary is different. It’s important for you to do your own research about the specific dispensary you plan on visiting before you go. Marijuana has medical benefits that are used to treat serious illnesses. Marijuana dispensaries are the best way for Marijuana patients to get their Marijuana. 

I hope this was a good explanation as it relates to the two Cannabis products. There is more to discover about Cannabis and the products that are on the market. But for now, getting an understanding of; Resin and Bud; can help make better decisions of using these products. 

Featured - Questions from the HotBox: Is Marijuana Resin Stronger Than Bud?


Marijuana resin is stronger than bud Marijuana resin is the secret ingredient used in making Marijuana edibles. Marijuana resin contains much higher concentrations of THC than regular Marijuana buds. Marijuana Buds are what you smoke to get high, they are essentially dried flowers so they contain less concentrated amounts of THC. Resin however is made by boiling Marijuana in water and then mixing the Marijuana infused water with butter or oil.

This process is known as Marijuana extraction and Marijuana resin contains up to 10 times more THC than Marijuana Buds. Marijuana resin is not to be confused with hash, marijuana resin and hash are both harvested from Marijuana plants but they contain different amounts of THC and other cannabinoids which produce different effects on the body.

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