The Definition of Cannabis Rosin

The Definition of Cannabis Rosin is a Cannabis-extracted concentrate. Many people know about Cannabis Concentrates. Clients consume either by vaping, infused oils, kinds of butter, or making infused gummies, brownies, and beverages, whether hot or cold. The known concentrates are hash, kief, bubble hash, and Rosin, which all fall under the definition of Cannabis rosin in various forms.

Cannabis Rosin is the newest concentrate developed and is becoming a more sought-after alternative. And this is because it does not need harmful solvents to affect the extraction. Instead, the extraction process uses only heat and pressure to get at the liquid of amber color, containing the plants’ terpenes and cannabinoids, which results in a whole spectrum concentrate of the highest potency, clean and pure THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol, or CBD – Cannabidiol.

How Does Cannabis Rosin Look?

Cannabis Rosin is a sticky liquid of amber color. Its consistency is equivalent to a smooth, rich butter spread, containing all the expected flavors and potency. And because no harmful solvents are in the finished product; or used in the extraction process, you can readily smoke, vape, dab, or ingest by whatever consumption process you like. The Definition of Cannabis Rosin includes any of these methods of consumption.

Cannabis concentrates extraction methods using harmful hydrocarbons and chemicals are illegal. It is also dangerous, and people have gotten hurt using this method. Therefore, solventless extraction methods are popular, hence the use of heat and pressure, which is centuries old.

How Much Rosin Yield From a Pound of Weed?

Cannabis buds, hash, and kief can extract Rosin concentrates. To get these materials, you should purchase from a reputable Cannabis Dispensary to ensure you buy products free of harmful chemicals. If you grow your cannabis plants, then it is safe to say your material is free from any chemicals.

The expected yield is relative to the materials used, with the temperature and pressure applied. It is also a factor in the quality material you choose to press for Rosin extraction. Cannabis Rosin can come in three different strains of Cannabis, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, and they also determine the potency of the Rosin.

So, here goes! Using dry weight material of either Cannabis flowers, hash, or sift, your yield will be different. Bubble hash indeed gives a higher output of Rosin than flowers. However, this does not mean should you choose to extract your Rosin from buds, your potency levels are not as viable. 

Calculated Rosin Yield from one pound dried weight Cannabis

  • 1 pound/ 458 grams cured flower- 68.7 grams
  • 1 pound/458 grams bubble hash- 274.80 grams
  • 1 pound/458 grams sift- 183.20 grams

Figuring Rosin Yield from Wash yield

  • 1 pound Cannabis/ 458 grams cured flower- 67.20 grams
  • 1 pound Cannabis/ 458 grams fresh frozen – 13.44 grams 

**The calculation is on The Rosin Yield calculator.

Another thing to note is the higher the percentage of trichomes contain in a one-pound Cannabis material for pressing constitutes a more significant percentage of Rosin yield.

Method For Cannabis Rosin Extraction

Because no harmful solvents are in this extraction process, you will need the following items to begin.

Items Needed For Rosin Extraction

  • Cannabis material 
  • Unbleached sheets of parchment paper- perfect for pressing flowers
  • Rosin bag/ for pressing hash or kief
  • Heating press or hair straightener
  • Dabbing tool or scraper
  • Storage container
  • Gloves, preferably heat-resistant ones for protecting your hands

Extracting Rosin

If using flowers- understanding your Rosin yield will be far less than using bubble hash or kief, ensure the buds are dried and cured, resulting in 55-62% humidity remaining in your material. And this ensures you have a more significant percentage of cannabinoids and terpene content. 

For persons extracting Rosin for the first time and using a hair straightener, you need one with a wide enough plate, about 2-inches. It must also have a reliable temperature adjustment control. And this is because the required temperature for extracting the concentrate is between 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit. More experienced Rosin extractors may have a Rosin press explicitly designed for this process. 

Many newbies to pressing Rosin while using the hair straightener is convenient; over time, it is good to graduate to a Rosin press. And this gives better results and greater yield. Investigating the price for a press is the way forward for investing in one. And you can save towards making the purchase.

Extraction Process

  • Preheat your machine to the lowest temperature while preparing your Cannabis material for pressing
  • Prepare your Cannabis material by flattening the flowers, hash, or kief to size and dimension that will fit comfortably between the plates of the press.
  • Fold your parchment paper in half, making sure you fashion a funnel-shaped spout for channeling the Rosin into the storage container as it oozes out during pressing. If extracting concentrate from hash or kief, place the material into it.
  • Place the folded parchment paper with the buds or the Rosin bag containing the hash or kief between the heating plate, and start pressing.
  • Press until you hear a soft sizzle, which should be about 30 seconds- repeat the pressing action until you see the gooey liquid oozing from the material onto the parchment paper. You can up the temperature should it not be enough for extraction. Remember, however, that the hotter the plates’ temperature, the likelihood of scorching or burning your Rosin.
  • Continue this pressing process until there is no longer a Rosin flow.
  • Allow Rosin to cool to room temperature and tightly close the lid. Store in a cool dark place or your refrigerator


The yield calculator is mainly for persons wanting to qualify how profitable it is when using premium material for pressing Rosin. However, it is also good information for understanding the difference in grams or ounces when purchasing Cannabis materials. The Definition of Cannabis Rosin as an extract of cannabis plants requires an understanding of extraction yields.

Although yield is not as important as the quality, you want to know if buying supplies from a Dispensary; you are sure you are making an intelligent purchase. Determine the cannabis strain you will use by asking questions of the dispensary about what is best for your needs. The legality for pressing Cannabis rosin is dependent on the state you reside. Checking the legislation on owning, growing and production is best. 

So, experiment on which is easier for extracting the “good stuff” and which material you prefer depending on flavor and terpene profile. Indeed, this is good information for new users of Rosin, and it is a helpful guideline for future reference.

Featured - The Definition of Cannabis Rosin


Secondhand smoke exposure from being in the space of someone smoking cigarettes is a concern. Many people have gotten lung cancer from this kind of contact. This is why laws for designated places for smoking. If adhered to and smokers are concerned with not offending their neighbors, then there is no issue. What is a concern now is: can exposure to marijuana secondhand smoke be an issue, enough to make you fail a drug test?

Will Marijuana Fail A Drug Test?

Smoking marijuana does get into your bloodstream. The thing to know is, how long does it stay there? How long after one smoke does it stay in your blood, and how long does it remain in your blood should you smoke all the time? There are differences in what happens in your body after a smoking session of Cannabis. The THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is scientifically named and is contained in marijuana. It is the active ingredient in the plant that causes you to have a euphoric or psychoactive feeling.

So, you had a memorable experience after smoking pot! The THC is not tested for in your blood or urine should you need to do a drug test. After smoking weed, the THC is broken down or metabolized in your blood and urine. After a few hours, the metabolites in your body and fatty tissues are what is relied on to contain these metabolites when doing a drug test. Should any residue of the metabolized THC be found in your urine, solely depends on how much weed you smoked and when.

There is also another factor to consider; before the 1990s, strains of marijuana were of a certain THC/CBD potency level. However, since then, many cultivators have sought to produce plants with greater percent levels of THC. This means a Cannabis smoker may find they have THC metabolites in their body for longer periods and contain greater percentage levels of the THC chemical. Studies reported being able to prove there is the possibility of secondhand smoke contamination should a non-marijuana smoker be in the company of marijuana smokers.

What are the chances?

The research was inconclusive, as there was only enough evidence to prove contact but not contamination to the non-smoker. It would take a non-cannabis smoker to be in close quarters with a weed smoker in a poorly ventilated place, to even be tested to get results that cause a failed drug test. The reality is hugely flawed.

For a marijuana smoker, the life of THC remaining in your body to be detected by a urine test is about 30 hours. And this is greatly dependent on how much and how long you smoked the stuff. 30 Hours; is classified as half-life. Within half-life, THC levels are reduced by 50%. There is also your weight, the body’s metabolism, how much liquid you consumed after using, and the method used during consumption.

One of the great things “The Great Resignation” changed was drug testing. Many companies have dropped these draconian measures in place of common sense policies. Drug testing altogether for Cannabis has stopped at one of the most exploitive companies in the world, Amazon. Change will come, yes it will.

The Stone Conclusion

So, knowing everything you know now, should you choose to smoke weed and know you have to do a drug test for work reasons, the wise choice is, to not use it before the test. Say you did smoke marijuana within a week before your drug test; you stand the chance of passing said test. Therefore, Knowledge is power!

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