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The Stone: What is the Difference Between Hash Rosin and Live Rosin?

In a way, live rosin resembles bubble hash. But there is a substantial difference between the two. Fresh, frozen marijuana is the basis for live rosin as it is first processed into bubble hash and then pressed into rosin. Although hash rosin also goes through heat and pressure, flash freezing the raw material is unnecessary. So, what is the difference between hash rosin and live rosin?

With just ice water, bubble bags, and any available cannabis, you may manufacture water hash, ice wax, or bubble hash (all of which are various names for the same substance). Since the beginning material affects the bubble hash’s overall quality, using buds rather than trimmings will result in a much stronger and more flavorful final product.

What Is Live Rosin?

Marijuana concentration called “rosin” has the consistency of wax. Because pressure and heat are the main components to create rosin rather than a solvent, the classification is a solvent-less concentrate. Therefore, when the concentrate is from a live marijuana plant rather than its dried, cured buds, it is “live” concentrate or live rosin.

Additionally, live rosin can use two processes, heat, and cold process. To encourage specific qualities in the finished product, processors typically cure the rosin for a predetermined amount of time after extracting the rosin. Live rosin cold-cure process uses heat temperature of at least 100°F to complete the curing process. However, one thing to remember is that ‘fresh frozen’ flower pressing will not result in live rosin. Therefore, when extracting rosin from ‘fresh frozen’ flowers, the product manufacturers must ensure the material is freshly cut and dried carefully for making bubble hash. 

How To Make Live Rosin?

Although live rosin is from a fresh or frozen substance, it is comparable to hash products—the plant goes through a curing process for most hash products to provide the familiar hash flavor.

Live rosin can generate a superior end product than wet or bubble hash because of its freshness. However, it is typically more expensive because the process can be time-consuming.

The extraction method used to create live rosin involves several processes, and the exact steps depend on the producer. The most straightforward household gear, such as a hair straightener and some wax paper, is ideal to generate rosin. The processors go through far more procedures to produce a high-end, pure product. Following the harvest of the buds, the process frequently goes like this:

  • The plant matter must freeze quickly after harvesting.
  • You then isolate the plant material from trichomes.
  • The trichomes must dry before the process of extraction begins.
  • The substance goes in a mesh or filter bag.
  • The rosin concentration comes through the mesh or filter bag using pressure and heat.
  • For further curing, the concentrate goes in an airtight container.
  • The final product is a solvent-free concentrate that can range in potency from 75 to 85 percent and contain up to 15 percent terpenes.

What Is The General Cost Of Live Rosin?

In general, live rosin is more expensive than other concentrates and can cost anywhere from $50 to $120 per gram. It is available in 1-gram, 1/2-gram, and even 8-gram sizes. Compared to the $10 to $20 for basic wax and shatter, these costs for live rosin are significantly higher.   

What is Hash Rosin?

Hashish or hash is a by-product of the resin, a substance generated by the cannabis plant. Hash rosin is a type of hashish that come about to yield a very pure and potent form of marijuana concentrate. And this extract you can use in different ways.. Hash rosin is relatively new, even if the hash has existed for thousands of years. 

The goal of Californian grower Phil “Soilgrown” Salazar in 2015 was to produce ‘hash’ that didn’t fully melt. He did this by squeezing hash with a hair straightener after wrapping it in parchment paper. And this resulted in a more resilient and flexible product.

How To Make Hash Rosin?

Hash rosin is the rosin that comes from bubble hash. And this bubble hash, often known as ‘hash,’ is the extraction from marijuana trichomes using the ice water method. Because the marijuana material first goes through an ice-water extraction before the rosin extraction process starts, hash rosin is a more refined variety.

Ganja flowers go in an ice water bath to create ice water hash, which separates the trichome stem and heads from the remaining plant matter. These tiny stems and heads become separate from the flowers when it is agitated through water using several screens. 

The cannabinoid- and terpene-rich material known as ‘hash’ you collect. Then you dry the hash before pressing for extracting the rosin. Smaller micron rosin bags (25 microns) and lower temperatures (170°–190° F) make hash rosin.

Rosin delivers an excellent-grade hash and melts when smoked or vaporized because it contains no plant material. However, despite its DIY origins, a stringent procedure is required to make high-quality rosin. 

The Differences Between Home And Commercial Rosin Processes

The Home Production Process: Making hash rosin at home isn’t that difficult, as Mr. “Soilgrown Salazar” up top showed. You can produce your rosin if you have a hot iron and the pressure necessary to extract a rosin product.

The Commercial Production Process: The commercial product depends on specialized equipment called a rosin press, even though hash rosin may be made at home using various techniques. This fantastic device applies the pressure and heat necessary to produce rosin. However, the price of a rosin press can range from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on its size and power. Below is a brief description of what occurs at each step of the commercial production process.

Making Rosin 

  • The rosin press is heated
  • The bubble hash goes into filter bags
  • Parchment paper is folded and laid in the press
  • The bubble hash in the parchment paper goes onto the press
  • Pressure and heat are applied











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