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What Is Marijuana Rosin?

Although marijuana is a natural plant and has been around since its creation, there is still lots to learn about it. There are concentrates like marijuana rosin which is a product of the plant. The most knowledge about the herb is people’s psychoactive experiences from smoking the buds and leaves. However, there is much more to this unique plant than getting you high. The different terms can be confusing as they have evolved over many decades. And there are newcomers to the marijuana experience who need a reasonable understanding of marijuana, its products, and slang language. Therefore, what is marijuana rosin?

What Is Marijuana Rosin

Rosin is one such product that has been around for a long time and has become a new thing in the 21st Century concerning marijuana. And this is because marijuana utilizes the rosin extraction process to effect pure concentrates for consumption, using heat and pressure.

Plant rosin has been used for centuries to coat violin bows from plants like pine and other conifers. However, it became versatile as manufacturers became more creative in including the extract in products. 

Rosin is an ingredient in printing inks, photocopying and laser printing paper, varnishes, adhesives (glues), soap, paper, sodas, soldering fluxes, and sealing wax. 

Rosin is excellent as a glazing agent in medicines, chewing gum, and more. In addition, a mixture of pitch and rosin makes a surface against which glass can be polished when making optical components such as lenses. And these are just some of the versatility of rosin.

Marijuana Rosin

Heat and pressure is the method for extracting marijuana rosin. The rosin contains cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids and is high in potency for THC. 

After extraction, you end up with a sticky, translucent liquid resembling golden glass. Some may result in a shatter-like consistency, perfect for making dabs, shatter, and wax. 

How Potent Is Marijuana Rosin

Because there are no harmful solvents in the extraction process, it is pure marijuana juice. Therefore it is at its highest potency of between 70-90% THC. The plant’s maturity determines the potency levels, the grade, and the strain of marijuana used for extraction and the heat press. 

Many consumers of marijuana, whether they use its flowers or buy bubble hash from a dispensary, can process rosin at home. The process is not complex, and once you have a wide-base hair straightener, some unbleached parchment paper, the weed material you want to press, and a clean glass container for storage, you are good to go. Some time is also good, as you don’t want to be distracted while doing the DIY project. 

How To Use Marijuana Rosin

Contrary to what most people believe, marijuana is not only consumed by smoking. There has been some evolution in the method of using the plant. There is dabbing, vaping, edibles, joints, rubs, patches, beverages, and more. And this is why rosin is so versatile. Because of its consistency and potency, many creative ways to consume are there for experimenting with which method is best for you.


Most experience marijuana consumers know what dabbing is. Therefore, they also know what a dab rig is. However, for recent users of marijuana, here is what a dab rig is:

A dab rig is the inner part of a glass pipe connected to a nail or banger, used for dabbing in the place of a traditional bowl usually found on a bong. New dabbers may be overwhelmed by the technique, upfront cost, and the number of accessories required to use dab rigs and pipes. The modern-day dab pipe typically includes a glass piece, a nail, a dabber, a torch, and a carb cap.  

It has a temperature gauge that regulates the heat you apply to the chamber using a carb cap. But, of course, knowing what we are talking about is better explained by visiting a marijuana dispensary.


Vaping is similar to dabbing; however, the vaping apparatus looks more like a pen. It has a battery-operated switch to turn on and off for heating your oils and concentrates like rosin.


Edibles include products like gummies, beverages, brownies, lollies, and culinary creations. These are all products we eat and drink that can add marijuana rosin. Because the DIY option is available to most consumers that enjoy experimenting with how to consume marijuana, their level of expertise is comprehensive. 

These edibles are also commercially manufactured and sold in marijuana dispensaries across the country where weed is legal.

Rubs and Patches

Rubs and patches are mainly for people using marijuana for medicinal reasons. These products are made and infused with some percentage potency of THC or CBD from the rosin extract. 

A Weed Joint

You can add marijuana rosin to your joint before smoking or drizzle some on the paper after rolling your joint. Others may add some to the ground-up weed before smoking. However, the thing to remember is that with this combination, the potency levels are higher. So use it with care. 

The next thing to know about marijuana rosin is how to store it. So, here goes!

How To Store Marijuana Rosin

Like any plant-based product, proper storage is essential to extended shelf life, and marijuana rosin is no exception. Because the rosin is fresh, you must protect its potency, cannabinoids, and terpenes for as long as possible. Therefore recommendations for storage are to prevent it from being exposed to heat, moisture, light, and air. 

Storage mechanisms are covering the marijuana rosin with parchment paper. Put it into a sealed food bag like a Ziploc and then in an air-tight container, preferably glass or silicone. Then tuck it away safely where there is no light; it is cool and dry. This method of storage will keep rosin for a long time. If you don’t have a storage facility like we described, put it in the freezer or refrigerator. 

When needed, remove from the refrigerator and let sit at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes. Ensure you use clean tools for extracting whatever marijuana rosin you need. 


Marijuana rosin though new, is one of the best natural options for helping people with medical conditions that pharmaceutical drugs have failed. There still is the need for use as recreational. However, many people are opting for using marijuana to offset their symptoms, as opposed to using synthetic drugs that cause other medical issues they will have to deal with over time. 

Under the supervision of your doctor and following the instructions of the marijuana dispensary budtender, you can use rosin responsibly and have the relief you desire.  


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