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The Stone: What Is Resin Weed?

You may have noticed the microscopic hairs that coat the marijuana plant and give it a sticky shine and crystal-like appearance. The term “trichomes” refers to these glandular hairs. Resin, made up of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other substances for which the marijuana plant is famous, holds these trichomes together. Therefore, consider weed resin to be the substance that binds all the substances produced by trichomes on the trichome head.

What Is Resin Weed

Weed resin is produced mainly by the marijuana plant to keep insects away. The bitter terpenes in resin have a particular pest-repelling effect. For instance, the common terpene linalool found in marijuana is utilized as a component in insecticides since it kills pests. Additionally, resin shields the plant from excessive UV (ultraviolet) exposure and aids in maintaining ideal surface humidity, so the plant doesn’t dry out.

Weed plants’ trichomes are where this resin-like substance is organic. Many of the active ingredients that make marijuana famous, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of the marijuana plant, are present in this natural material. Marijuana weed plants produce resin, which can take the form of a powdered substance or a sticky secretion and come in various colors. These trichomes will gather in the grinder’s base if you use them with your flower. 

What Does Weed Resin Look Like

Resin looks like wax but is a natural extract. Due to its great potency, the resin is sometimes grouped with wax and shatter. Check the price-to-potency ratio and compare it to the cost of the buds when buying the concentrate. The potency levels of THC or CBD in buds are just 10% to 25%; however, the potency levels are higher in resins. They can range between 95% and 50%. As a result, the consumption of resin is less, in comparison to consumption of buds.

It is possible to extract weed resin from the plant itself or the equipment used to smoke the weed plant. This resin goes by several names, which depends on the method of collection.

Types of Marijuana/Weed Resin

Depending on when and how it is collected, the marijuana resin’s texture and appearance can change. It comes in various colors and can either be mixed with other weed concoctions or smoked on its own. Frequently, it is a very sticky substance that ranges in hue from pale amber to dark, almost black. Every type typically has a name as well. The marijuana resin is extracted a few different ways, either directly from the plant or by scraping it off the equipment and pipes used to inhale the drug.

Understanding the differences between the different types of resin, their names, and how to use them is helpful when making weed resin.

Hashish and rosin: Since the ‘hash’ is made from the weed plant, it is not true “resin.” People who want to smoke or vape weed more potent than dried weed leaves may choose preparations like this. Hash and rosin results in a higher high with longer effects than traditional preparations.

Rosin: By using pressure and heat to the plant, weed resin is the extract you get.

Charas: Is resin extract from growing marijuana plants. These extracts are then made into balls.

Dry-sift: Dry sift, or kief, is weed resin extract from a sieve. You can put Dry-sift a joint or bowl, or heat and crush it to make hash. It is also great for making edibles.

Excess resin or reclaim: Frequently, “resin” refers to excess wax or reclaimed resin. People consume it to avoid throwing away marijuana in the pipe’s remaining chamber. In fact, rather than smoking the reclaimed resin, most users discard it upon cleaning out their tools.

THC Levels In Reclaimed Weed Resin

The THC level of resin accumulated in a bong or pipe is often relatively low. As a result, the wax will taste unpleasant and have more tar than beneficial chemicals, even if it contains some trace amounts of THC. In essence, people smoke resin from bongs, but the risks outweigh the advantages. Smoking tar is dangerous whether it comes from weed or another source. If you reuse resin from the pipe or bowl you may not experience issues at first. But rather than smoking something with little THC concentration that is also bad for your lungs, it’s probably worth waiting till you obtain some more flower or concentrate.

Different Types/Smoke Differently

Simple resin, such as ash in the bong or pipe, is harsher and less enjoyable to consume than live resin or resin made in any other way. The grade of the resin and smoke produced depends on the plant’s quality based on the marijuana strain and where the extract is. Investing in high-quality marijuana plants to extract from or buying high-quality weed resin concentrate is the best approach to ensure you receive the best smoking experience.

What are the Benefits of Resin Concentrates?

The resin concentrate, whether cured or still alive, may have certain advantages, such as reducing anxiety and chronic pain symptoms, assisting with sleep issues, and increasing hunger. You may profit more from resin concentrations than real flowers if you use them sparingly. For instance, an occasional user might desire to utilize a vaporizer to aid in sleep. With just one puff, the cured resin version of that strain might provide the same result as smoking a blunt. However, it would require using fewer products, thus saving money in the long run. 

Side Effects of Using Marijuana Resin

The use of marijuana resin has some adverse effects, and this is because other by-products are in the residue after smoking, regardless of whether we’re talking about wax or reclaim. Additionally, hazardous irritants like tar, ash, and other carbon deposits remains in resin when consumed at least once.

The user’s body may experience various adverse side effects from these by-products. The persistent and frequently debilitating sore throat is among the first and most important. Although smoking is mostly to blame, the high temperatures of the smoked marijuana resin may increase the adverse effects on the airways. Breathing problems may result from this as a side effect. 




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