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Cannabis Class: How Long Does Vape Vapors Stay in Your System?

Cannabis vaping has become a more frequent pastime since tobacco vaping was implemented, and the vape pen became a thing. Manufacturers of Cannabis products for vaping have found this to be a sought-after method of using, and they have produced some unique apparatuses to do the deed. 

How Long Does Cannabis Vape Vapors Stay in Your System?

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Cannabis Class: Growing Marijuana Plants in Organic Gardens – The Stone

Vaping Cannabis affords you the luxury of enjoying weed and not exposing yourself to the odor that comes with smoking marijuana. And we all know; it does have a distinct smell! The vaporizer is the apparatus used, and it can be used with cannabis oils, concentrates, and weed. The experience is optimized; by trying many strains and products; vaped while not being offensive, especially if you are vaping in public. It is virtually undetectable! 

The active ingredient may be detected in your body as long as 30 days after vaping, depending on the type of compound you use, can have. Because THC is the most potent compound in weed, it remains in your body fluids and even your hair for as long as three months. If you happen to be a frequent cannabis vapor, chances of the chemicals remaining in your system longer. 

A cannabis test after vaping may find you get these results

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If weed is your product of choice to vape, and you are a frequent vapor then, the chances of it being detected in your body is an emphatic YES! It remains in your system for as long as 90 days. A urine sample can have Cannabis components in your system after 30 days, while a blood test may present after two or three days. 

A saliva test is more telling as it can present positive Cannabis components after vaping, as long as 29 days. If you choose to give a hair sample for testing, the positive result manifests even after 90 days of vaping. 

Many businesses do drug testing of their employees monthly

Should you be an occasional or frequent vaper of Cannabis, these facts can be of great benefit to you. The chances of you being detected and brought up for cannabis components in your system are great depending; on which test sample is used. A blood sample is less telling than a urine or saliva sample. 

Many people opt for vaping because it’s the most advanced method of consuming Cannabis.

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Cannabis Usage: What is Considered Heavy Cannabis Use – The Stone

It is a discreet way to enjoy your high though it creates issues should your company decide to do drug testing. If you do vape cannabis for medical reasons, it is your responsibility to inform your superiors. If used for recreational reasons, the likelihood of it being in your system creates a problem. 

So how long does vape vapors stay in your system?

Because it is still illegal in most states for recreational use, your knowledge about using Cannabis is helpful. Remember, it depends on how much you consume; it can remain in your system for a month if it is a small amount. And, as mentioned, for frequent vapers of Cannabis, it can be in your system for longer. THC is potent, and because most vape products are concentrates, they contain a more significant percentage of THC. So, use caution! 


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Featured - Cannabis Class: How Long Does Vape Vapors Stay in Your System?

Cannabis is a hot topic these days. The legalization of Cannabis for medicinal and recreational use has had the nation’s attention for several years now. However, many people are still uncertain as to what that means specifically. The legalization of Cannabis has allowed us to see more first-hand evidence on how long vapor can be detected in urine. A new study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder indicates that drug-screening tests can see vapors from Cannabis for up to one month after the last usage.

The results conclude that the vapors of Cannabis can be detected in urine for up to one month after use. While this isn’t new information, it confirms what we’ve already known; Cannabis stays in your system for a long time!

The most important thing to remember about Cannabis is that everyone’s body responds differently. The amount of time each individual has their cannabinoids linger in their system will vary based on several factors, including metabolism, tolerance, frequency of consumption, and lastly, exercise. These simple things could affect how long you have metabolites lingering within your body.

When it comes down to the science behind the testing, the Colorado State Patrol Crime Lab is looking for THC-COOH, which is not psychoactive like THC itself. This is a metabolite (non-psychoactive), and this is the detected compound, not THC itself. This is somewhat good news for medical users who use Cannabis regularly; we don’t want to be testing positive for something we aren’t even using!

Colorado has recently made weed legal in Colorado, both medically and recreationally, on the brighter side of the spectrum. Dispensaries are popping up everywhere, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to get your hands on some Cannabis when you need it. The question then becomes how much do you need? It seems counterintuitive to take more than you need in fear of having metabolites appear during a drug test. Keep in mind, though: once you have cannabinoids within your system, you will have them for a while. That means if you take too much and experience unwanted side effects, realize that while they may wear off, it could be a few days or weeks before the cannabinoids leave your system naturally.

Be sure to check out Colorado’s recreational and medical marijuana shops near you, such as Colorado Harvest Company.

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