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Vaping Cannabis for Beginners

Vaping has become the more popular way to enjoy smoking Cannabis, or cigarettes, depending on what you are vaping. For many people who do, the reality of vaping cannabis is challenging because of reports of people getting hurt or dying. This isn’t good! These reports are not highlighting is persons who end up in medical care may not have used the correct vaping apparatus for what they are vaping. 

Can I Grind Cannabis And Put It in A Vape Pen 

The question asked; Can I grind Cannabis and put it in a vape pen? The question may seem way out there, and unless you are an experienced vaper, you do, need some clarification to this question. The ‘right’ answer is a confusing yes and no, which does not help either. As indicated in the introductory paragraph, the correct vaping apparatus is necessary for what you are vaping. 

Types of Vaping Apparatus 

There are vape pens specifically made for dry herbs. They are called dry herb vaporizers designed for vaping Cannabis flower. The budget you have depends on the brand you buy. Suppose you want to invest in a pen that will give you many moments of enjoyment, support a top-of-the-line yet expensive pen. The cost is relative to what you are expecting from a vape pen. The choices vary from a cheap single-use vape pen to a high-tech reusable one. 

Should you decide to vape to enjoy a weed experience, the types of vape pens depend on what you like.

There are pens designed for oil concentrates and others for dry herbs, as stated above. There are also types of pens manufactured for dual use. You can vape dry herbs and change the attachment to vape Cannabis oils. 

Say you wanted to vape oil concentrates and bought a reusable vaping pen; not because it is reusable does it mean you can interchange to vaping dry herbs. You can only refill the chamber with cannabis oil concentrates. You have to get an interchangeable pen or buy separate ones. Never decide to vape dry herbs in an oil cartridge dispenser. It can be dangerous! 

Brands of Vaping Pens 

  • The Firefly Vaporizer: perfect for dual-use and is fashionable and discrete ● V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer: This is a versatile piece of equipment ideal for vaping dry herbs, oils and wax concentrates
  • DaVinci Ascent vaporizer: a selection of unique vaping equipment as it enables dual use for dry herb and oils 
  • Table Top Vaporizers: designed for home use. It is a much bigger piece of equipment and needs an electrical outlet. This differs from a portable vape pen that heats up via a battery-operated heating system. 

These are just some of the vape pen brands on the market. Many Cannabis users prefer vaping to direct joint smoking because it lessens the pungent odor of outright smoking weed. It eliminates the lingering odors, and it is very discrete. You can light up anywhere and have a drag and not bother persons that are not Cannabis smoking inclined. 


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Featured - Vaping Cannabis for Beginners

Although 68% of Americans support the legalization of Cannabis, the MORE Act passed by Congress; many believe the Act will not get passed by the Senate. Some views and reasons for the Act to be made into law; are touted by persons of influence. Unless there is the will and purpose to reflect public opinion, the MORE Bill is already dead in the water.

Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana, ‘great step,’ but ‘largely symbolic.’

The passing of the MORE Act is the first time the issue of cannabis reform; is voted on by Congress. It is a significant position for The House of Representatives. It has come a long way based on Cannabis advocates. Their lobbying for the drug’s decriminalization. For the MORE Act containing items for decriminalizing marijuana; and the overturning of federal convictions for minorities, many archaic points of reference will remain.

An Introduction to Vaping: The Best Cannabis Tools for Every Occasion

A ‘symbolic step’ is what legal counsel for Petalfast told Shepherd Smith of CNBC News. Petalfast is right in the thick of things as they are the sales and marketing agency for Cannabis. Arun Kruichety, legal counsel for Petalfast, states: “The passage of the MORE Act is a great step in terms of recognizing the injustices present in the criminal justice system, but unfortunately, this is all largely symbolic as the bill has little chance of passing the Senate – until and unless – the Democrats can secure a majority in the Senate,” Kurichety said. “Hopefully, this act will help continue to shed light on reversing injustices and promote additional growth in the industry as reflected by the public support and passage of various state laws legalizing cannabis.”

The status of federal laws concerning the legalization of Cannabis across the US is considered a grossly unjust system. Evelyn Chapelle spent five years behind bars because of this ‘unjust system,’ she stated during an interview by Tom Costello of NBC.

If passed by the Senate, it will ease the federal law’s burden on Cannabis and its use from being classified as a dangerous drug. Based on a Gallup poll, the 68% nationwide support for decriminalizing marijuana bears much weight. The blinkers worn by the Federal Government concerning Cannabis decriminalization have caused the county to lose millions, if not billions of dollars in state revenue. Needed funds could be of good use, especially in a global pandemic and recession that does not seem to have an end.

No one is saying there should not be laws governing the use of Cannabis. The states that have stepped out from under the shadows of federal law, decriminalized marijuana for medical use, and have effectively put in place laws to govern recreational marijuana use are reaping benefits.

Alcohol and tobacco are legal, yet, you have people hospitalized for illnesses caused by their abuse of these two substances. The government spends more on treating these illnesses and the addictions that come with them. While for Cannabis, they spend funds housing people for having a spliff. Addiction and the law on drugs are not balanced. The Scientific and medical studies have been done, and the findings, there is a place for Cannabis concerning treatments for chronic diseases. Legislative laws, but no follow-through, will cause illegal Cannabis use and possession to erase the ‘great step’ by Congress and the MORE Act.


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