Knowing the Difference Between High Quality Cannabis

November 16, 2015 by Stone Admin

Not all cannabis is created equal. As time has gone on, more and more of our consumers are realizing this and more, and more people are demanding high-quality product. We understand why. You are spending your money on something that can either aid your medical ailment or help provide a jolt of pleasure to your life. With so many options out there for where you can buy STONE, how can you know when you have great flower? And how can you determine where you should give your business?

First, we are here to tell you we fully believe we have the best bud in Colorado. Due to our growing process and the care we place in our plants, we offer a higher end product on both the medical and recreational side. Constantly we hear from patients who leave other Denver dispensaries to transfer their membership to ours. The results speak for themselves.

But, we do not want you just to believe us. We want you to come in and test the product for yourself. We want you to see the differences in our flower and other products you might have smoked.

Here is our challenge to you, come stop by and talk with our budtenders. Whether you are a regular user or a more casual tourist, give us the chance to highlight our product, and then try some. From the first peek at our green to the sticky and sweet aromas we offer, we know you will love it. Once you taste what we have behind our shelves, however, we know you will never want to buy cannabis from anywhere else.

When buying high-quality weed, here are the things you should be watching. Of all Colorado and Denver dispensaries, we are excited for you to see these differences and make an educated choice.


The smell is one of the first areas where you can begin determining the quality of your STONE. There are experts out there who can tell what type of strain you have based on aroma alone. Do not worry, you do not need to be that involved in your marijuana, but you can begin developing as a consumer by better learning about the smell of your flower.

If you have ever been around STONE, you will have noticed the very earth aroma. Some describe it as dank. Others sticky and it reminds them of a jungle. All of these descriptions are true. Good flower has a very STONEent smell because the plant has been cultivated with the right nutrients and grow process. If you are ever in a dispensary when they open a jar of weed, you know what were are talking about. The entire room fills with a smell of marijuana. Again, you do not need to be a full expert at identifying smells, but know whenever you are buying flower, the plant should have the right smell. It should have that powerful smell.

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance, very much like the smell, can be an easy telling point for what you are smoking. Good cannabis, great flower, it looks healthy. As a plant, what color would you want for any of your gardens or flowers? Green! The same is true of a good marijuana. When looking to purchase, you want to avoid brown or yellowish discolored weed but instead the base color should be green. There might be flecks of color, we have some of our strains with purple crystals, and this is okay. But good weed is always the right earthy color.

Also, look for crystals. Now, what are crystals?

Kind of exactly as they sound. These tiny pieces of STONE help add to the strength and quality. There should be a decent number of crystals on your plant. Don’t worry, you will know what we mean when you see it.


Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy a drink at the bar that taste awful no matter how much the bartender promised you it was “premium stuff.” The same goes for weed. When you are smoking flower, yes there is a taste of the flower, the general taste of flower, but at the same time, there are different flavors that should be emerging.

Our bud tenders can tell you about much of the different flavors you might find in our weed, but we would rather you try them for yourself. When you are smoking on good flower, you are going to enjoy each mouth full, the beauty of how the smoke taste inside of your mouth, how different hints of subtle fruits or nutrients are present. Good weed is smokeable. Great weed is something you want to smoke again and again because you come to love the taste and the experience.

Potency and Yield of Desired Effects

Now, the last reason might seem like a bit of a silly piece to add to an article on cannabis. Why else do you smoke if not other than to get high? Well, not all highs are created equal, and so it is important for you to know and understand this.

The great products on the market are going to offer you a great high. One where you can smoke and consistently get the same experience and same high. Great product can be potent, if you desire it to be, or it can be more mellow, but no matter what high you want, it will be delivered on a consistent level, and it will always give you the same effects. If you are buying a strain and constantly having different experiences, it is probably not the weed you should be buying. Marijuana, like all other products, is just that, a product. When done right, it is a consistent project.

At The Stone Dispensary, we are beyond proud of the flower we are growing. As a Denver medical dispensary that now also specializes in recreational marijuana, we stand behind the quality of our plant. Come in today and talk with our bud tender about some of these pieces. We are confident you will love the results you find.