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The Stone: Is Marijuana Rosin The Best Concentrate?

Marijuana consumption is evolving. For centuries the plant has been known for smoking as the primary way to use it. However, many still consume by making teas, chewing the leaves, and more. These methods indicate countries use it for ceremonial purposes while smoking is the best option. Marijuana consumption has evolved by using concentrates that are extracts of the plant. One of these weed concentrates is rosin. Most people are not familiar with this extract so the question asks; is marijuana rosin the best concentrate?

Since many countries globally are legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, there is a concerted effort to have people experience weed on a greater level. Concentrates are the newest option, and the need is growing. Since the past decade, marijuana rosin concentrates, known as extracts, have been more commonly consumed because of their potency than flowers. The method of consumption is dabbing and using a dab rig by heating in a chamber or ‘nail.’ The heating of the rosin produces vapors that consumers inhale. The mists initiate a more significant high experience than smoking marijuana flowers, hence, its popularity.

What Is Marijuana Rosin?

Any concentrate you extract from plant or fruit material undergoes a process. For marijuana rosin concentrate, the extraction process uses heat and pressure, a more straightforward method than resin. Resin undergoes a process using harmful solvents and flash-freezing marijuana flowers and sugar leaves. After freezing the material, they go through a hydrocarbon process which results in the concentration. Some resin producers use butane for extraction. However, there is a chance of solvent residue in the resin, which can be harmful to humans. The resulting product is live resin.

Marijuana rosin is the best or superior concentrate for its solventless method of extraction. 

Although there is some similarity to the extraction process of resin and rosin, using freshly harvested plant material is where the similarity ends. 

Marijuana rosin extract- is made by putting the plant material in an ice bath in various micron bags or through different size sieves. The different size sieves will agitate and pass the trichomes through a refinement process, resulting in pure THC trichomes. After filtering or sieving, the moisture is dried from the trichomes, resulting in the concentrate-bubble hash. The bubble hash is then pressed by a rosin heating press, using heat and pressure. The substance squeezed from the bubble hash is rosin.

Marijuana Rosin Concentrate

Marijuana rosin concentrates, because there is no solvent added to the extraction process, is simple yet time-consuming. Time-consuming for the amount of rosin you can extract from the measure of material you use. And the equipment you choose to do the extraction. For home methods, people invest in a rosin press which you can buy from any Amazon outlet. At the same time, others will use a trusty hair straightener to do the job. Very effective option; however, your yield may be less than if you used the rosin press.

The potency factor of marijuana rosin is such that many people gravitate to using the product over smoking flowers. Users crave that kick for its solventless component and the flavors, cannabinoids, and terpenes that enhance the THC levels.

Features Of Marijuana Rosin

  • Its purity level and THC percentage are 60% and more, depending on the marijuana strain you use.
  • Pressing rosin from nugs, kief, flowers, or hash
  • Clean, clear, and absent of any foreign matter like plant substances, chemical components, etc.
  • There is no need to be concerned about chemical solvents.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • They are a bit more expensive than weed flowers; however, you pay for quality.

** Live rosin is from frozen material, while rosin is from pressing nugs and flowers/**

Types Of Marijuana Rosin

Flower rosin—uses dried nugs, shake or trim; most common source material for rosin and produces more flavor than hash rosin.

Live rosin—uses flash-frozen marijuana plants. The flavors are better than other rosins because it preserves the plant’s terpenes and flavors during processing. 

Hash rosin—uses bubble hash or dry sift hash; generally harsher than flower rosin and can be more potent depending on the weed hash used.

Buying Rosin What To Look For

Because you can extract rosin from any marijuana material, different weed strains give you higher-quality concentrates. These strains are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Processors using these marijuana strains for rosin ensure the best concentrate for consumption. Other weed strains though potent, do not carry the THC potency profile as these and will not cost the same.

When buying higher grade or quality marijuana rosin, there are things to look for:

  • The color should be gold, yellow, or dark yellow.
  • Rosin experts indicate the lighter color is the best and has higher quality.
  • Fresh material and freshly pressed gives you a syrup-like consistency, and on cooling, you will see the rosin looking like soft, creamy honey.

Pressing Rosin

There are many online instruction methods for pressing marijuana rosin. However, if you are doing it at home, you will need material, a hair straightener, unbleached parchment paper, a metal scraper, heat-resistant gloves, and a glass storage container.

It would help if you had the tools, minus the hair straightener for using the rosin press. 

Temperature is vital in pressing rosin. The guide is for you to ensure your machine is at between 150- 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher will destroy your terpenes and the flavor of the rosin. 

Press the material at thirty-second bursts until you hear a sizzle. Continue pressing at this pace until you cannot squeeze more rosin from the material. Collect in the glass jar and store in a cool dark place. 

It is crucial to note for marijuana rosin to be the best concentrate, you need to use the best weed strain.

** You can save your rosin chips for making teas, brownies, and other edibles.**


For the information concerning marijuana rosin and whether it is the best because it does not contain any harmful solvents and the THC potency levels are higher than flowers, the answer is yes. Not to mention the time it takes for extraction and care to ensure the highest quality and cleanness of the produce, there is no doubt it is the best concentrate on the marijuana market.

Although rosin is more expensive than other concentrates, it lasts longer because you only need a small amount to achieve the high you seek. With weed flowers or buds, there is a discrepancy over the amount you need to smoke, how much to buy and how long it lasts depends on your usage practices. If you seldom use weed, then dabbing rosin can give you a fix for some time. While smoking flowers, you may need to replenish your stash.





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