Everyone loves a little bit of history, and the City of Littleton, Colorado has enough for your interest to be piqued. They have combined the past with the present and their future so you can enjoy the eras concerning Littleton. 

Littleton is located in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson countries. in Colorado, United states. They are considered a Home Rule Municipality. Its streets are lined, with buildings dating from another time, and although you are in the twentieth century, walking in downtown Littleton, you feel as though you have stepped into the past. Easy access either by road on the RTD Light rail or biking along the riverside trail on the Platte Trail- Denver, Colorado. It is an adventure for any tourist to the city, and will not disappoint.

Littleton, CO

Should you need sustenance before continuing your tour of this incredibly unique city, there are eateries, for example, Texas Roadhouse, McKinners Pizza Bar, Chili’s Bar & Grill, Caffeine Crawl, Red Lobster, and lots more. Not venturing too far, after satisfying your appetite, you may want to take in a performance at the Littleton Town Hall Art Centre. 

Another day you may want to see the Littleton Museum, which is an experience you will remember. The museum is home on a 14-acre property and is a closely connected member of the Smithsonian Institution. The museum has recreated farm life from two time zones; the 1860s and 1890s. Once you walk through the gates of the museum, you step into the past. You experience what it was like living at that time for the people. 

You will experience churning butter, attending school at the old schoolhouse, quilt making by hand, and seeing how the blacksmiths’ worked, are just some of the exhibits at the museum. I am not talking about statues; live people are depicting these activities. On leaving, you step back through the portal of time and, you arrive in the twentieth century to experience skyscrapers and concrete buildings. You can end your day on Ketring Lake and bask in the beauty of the sunset. 

Visitors to the City of Littleton are not the only ones privileged to enjoy the Cities’ rich history and unique customs. There are fall wagon rides down Main street, strolling through Hudson gardens, riding horses along South Platte River, or being a part of the Twilight Criterium through Downtown Littleton. 

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Living in Littleton, Colorado

After visiting and maybe deciding to move there, here are some facts. Littleton, Colorado is a family-friendly-oriented community and home to top-ranking schools. Buying Littleton, Colorado real estate is considered a real investment because by purchasing a home, you are gaining an 11.74% yearly appreciation on your property. There is also incredible golfing, and, is matched by great weather. Starting a business is also an option, and what better business to venture in but Cannabis

The Stone Dispensary is one such dispensary to serve the people of Littleton. Medical Cannabis dispensaries have been in the city since 2010, but recreational Cannabis sales are being put to a vote. To get more information about living and doing business in the City of Littleton, visit their website. To order more Cannabis, visit The Stone Dispensary with the Best Cannabis Deals!

The Stone Dispensary

4820 Morrison Rd

Denver, CO 80219

Phone: 303-936-0111
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