The Stone: Which Is Better Marijuana Shatter Or Marijuana Rosin

Because marijuana concentrates are in demand more now than ever, it is best to understand the similarities between shatter and rosin better. Although they are both concentrates. These concentrates have some differences in extraction methods, the effects when consumed, and cost. These are the main reasons people use weed concentrates for recreational or medicinal purposes. And it is good to have a running understanding of either option. And they want to know which is better marijuana shatter or marijuana rosin?

The Extraction Process Of Marijuana Rosin

Marijuana Rosin is the cleanest and purest of concentrates you can have. And this is because it does not use solvents during the extraction process, which is a good thing. In addition, the methods are simple, allowing people to press their rosin at home. They do this using a hair straightener, unbleached parchment paper, a metal scraper or dabbing tool, heat-resistant mittens, and clean storage containers. The same is true for commercial rosin extraction; the only difference is the rosin press for the heat and pressure component of the extraction process. 

Extraction Process

  • Firstly, using high-grade marijuana material results in higher-quality rosin. Then, whether you use marijuana flowers, bubble hash, or sift, once the quality is good, you are on the way to achieving the best rosin concentrate you desire.
  • Place the material into the folded parchment paper, ensuring you don’t over-pack with weed. 
  • Preheat the rosin press or hair straightener to 100- 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When the equipment reaches the desired temperature, place the parchment containing the marijuana material between the blades. 
  • Press in bursts of 30 seconds while allowing the rosin liquid to squeeze from the marijuana.
  • Remember to angle the parchment paper folding with a spout to channel the rosin into the storage container or the parchment paper you decide for storage. 
  • After extracting the marijuana rosin, you can consume it immediately or put it in a cool dark place for curing. 

The simple process of extracting rosin allows you to concentrate with almost 100% terpenes and cannabinoids and no contaminants. The rosin can go in edibles and any foods you desire. The most important thing to note is that if the THC content is high, you may want to use a little at a time for whatever edible you choose to infuse. 

What Does Marijuana Look Like

The final product of marijuana rosin after pressing depends on the material you use. It also depends on the temperature and length of time you press the marijuana material. Under ideal conditions, you may end up with rosin of an amber, soft golden color with a gooey, sappy, waxy, or glassy texture. The potency levels remain the same based on the marijuana strain you use, as you may have levels of THC from 70 to 90%.

If an at-home extraction processing, you may not know the exact percentage of THC; however, by consuming, you can determine the strength. Therefore, it is best to use it carefully, a bit at a time. 

Marijuana Rosin And Cost

Although marijuana rosin is easy to make, the price can be high. Cost varies depending on the cannabis strain you use for extraction, and where the material grows. Your marijuana dispensary is the best place to know the price and can compare depending on cannabis strain etc. You can buy rosin at $50-$120 per gram, and the cost varies depending on the dispensary location. 

Because there are over 33 states in the United States that can legally sell marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, where you live is the difference. 

What Is Marijuana Shatter

The Extraction Process Of Marijuana Shatter

Traditionally shatter uses a solvent extraction process. The solvent commonly used is BHO- butane hash oil, while some manufacturers may use other solvents like propane, CO2, or ethanol. While utilizing a solvent, the process goes through the closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction system.

The Closed-loop Hydrocarbon Extraction Method

  • The marijuana starting material goes into a material column within the system. 
  • The material is chilled. 
  • The solvent slowly passes through the material column, dissolving the plant material and isolating the resin from the trichomes. 
  • Heat is applied to purge the solvent from the resulting extract. 
  • The solvent tank is chilled to capture the remaining vapors, and the purging process eliminates residual solvents.
  • The extract is collected. 

The initial compound goes through another process to purge the shatter of any residual solvent components and plant contaminants. After this process takes about eight to twenty-four hours, the result is marijuana shatter.

What Does Marijuana Shatter Look Like

I am sure you are not as curious about what shatter looks like because of the name. However, marijuana shatter is a delicate, translucent, glass-like component sold in sheets. It is so fragile it can shatter if mishandled, hence the name. The color is similar to rosin in that it can be an amber or yellow shade. 

Shatter Cost

Shatter costs much less than rosin. You can buy marijuana shatter for $10-$20 at your dispensary. And the reason for this is shatter is from weed shakes, leaves, and stems of the plant. The potency level is similar to the rosin and still depends on the marijuana strain you get the material. 

Which Is Better, Shatter or Rosin

As a layperson using shatter or rosin, it depends on your preference. The comparison is based on methods of extraction to determine which is better.

Marijuana rosin uses no solvents or chemicals and is safe to extract, while shatter uses solvents and can be dangerous if inexperienced in the process. 

Shatter may contain some residue of the solvent used and can be bad for you if consumed over a long time. While rosin, though potent in the THC levels, contains no solvents. The only obstacle is the high you experience from using. And more medicinal marijuana users gravitate to rosin concentrates for their purity. And since you can make it at home, the plus for patients is they know what the rosin contains. 

While with marijuana shatter, you have to rely on the dispensary for the purity of your purchase. 

The other thing is what the customer prefers to use. For example, more experienced marijuana customers may say they like shatter over rosin, while it may be the opposite. 





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